Show Notes

Episode 29: Pure Sass, Baby!

If we know anything, it is that Vivian will make multiple versions of patterns she likes. Also our cats love a cameo. Vivian has finished her second pair of Fiddlehead Mittens (featuring a Sushi cat cameo). And she's working on her Wool and the Gang socks which are cool, but not going quite to plan.… Continue reading Episode 29: Pure Sass, Baby!

Show Notes

Episode 27: Cat Cameo

We have a great episode here. Alyson is making good progress on her Pleated Cardigan and Vivian finished her Bubbly Sweater. Yay for handmade sweaters! The KALCAL is just around the corner and we've released this year's new points system, including bonus points for complexity. The mailbag segment being officially kicked off by a lovely… Continue reading Episode 27: Cat Cameo

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Episode 17: It’s Just Such An Angry Eggplant

The Ultra Violet KCAL begins in a couple weeks, so we're chatting about the yarn and projects we'll be working on. Plus, we're also participating in the Blacker Yarns PodKAL because we're just so excited for Edinburgh Yarn Festival! Not to mention, Alyson has also joined in The Crochet Circle's One Skein Wonderland CAL. Bitten… Continue reading Episode 17: It’s Just Such An Angry Eggplant