About Us

Photo of Vivian“If I sit, I knit”

I’m Vivian, mother to four very different, smart, wonderful daughters, of which Alyson is the the oldest. I knit all the time. If I have three minutes to spare, I will pull a sock from my purse and knit. It’s an obsession, an illness. I can’t stop! I started making project bags to house my numerous WIPs around the house. Now I’m making more bags and selling them on Etsy to fund my obsessive yarn hoarding! When will it end?!!

But really, I love making stuff.  Knitting and sewing are my forte, but I’m also a die-hard DIYer.  Besides my sewing machine and knitting needles, I also like working with power tools and growing food in my garden.


Photo of Alyson“Crochet all day”
I’m Alyson, daughter of the above greatest mom ever! Almost everything about me can be explained with, “I got it from my mama.” Sense of humor, check. Bookworminess, check. Wide feet, check. Love of crafting, check. My mom taught me how to knit and crochet when I was a kid, but recently I’ve picked up crocheting with a new passion. I’ve learned a lot since kickstarting my “crochet career,” but there’s still lots more learning and making on the horizon. And to be clear, I am a crocheter, and I 100% refuse to start knitting, no matter how many times my mom suggests it.

My non-crafting qualifications go something like this: I have an undergraduate degree in art and art history, a Master’s in publishing, I used to live in Boston where I worked for a social justice publisher, and I’m a Hufflepuff. Now I live in Edinburgh with my husband where I help sell kilts and tartan blankets; verra Scottish!

Photo credit: Ash Carr