Show Notes

Episode 39: I Like Big Bundts and I Cannot Lie

New year, new episode! But before we get on with all the new projects to come in 2019, we’re reflecting back on all that we accomplished in 2018. Neither of us are professional crafters, but we’ve finished an impressive number of projects, if we do say so ourselves. And if we didn’t prove it before, Vivian is indeed the Queen of Hats, as shown by the eleven hats she’s made this past year!

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\\ B U Z Z F E E D  Q U I Z \\

Are You More Introverted or Extroverted?

\\ 2 0 1 8   P R O J E C T S \\

Vivian’s 25 Projects:

Alyson’s 23 Projects

\\ W O R K S  I N  P R O G R E S S \\

Temperamental Artist by Kat Goldin – Julie Asselin Leizu Fingering Gradient Sets

Zweig by Caitlin Hunter – Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, Birch Dyeworks 80/20 SockPhoto Jan 03, 11 54 04 AM.jpg

\\ F I N I S H E D  O B J E C T S \\

PussyHat Project by Kat Coyle

Slouchy Hat by Luz Mendoza – Madeline Tosh DK twistPhoto Jan 03, 11 57 17 AM.jpg
Lush by Tin Can Knits

\\ Y A R N Y   B I T S  A N D  B O B S\\

Fine Fettle Fibres, Felton, UK – Jo Storie British Bare Faced

\\ F O L L O W  U S \\
Ravelry: alysonhereupstateviv
YouTube: Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Podcast
Instagram: KCACYpodcast, alysonhere, upstate_viv
Etsy: Pearl & Plum


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