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Millenial Pink Headband

A headband/earwarmer is one of those things that’s dead simple to make and there are loads of patterns available for both knitters and crocheters. But a quick Ravelry search for patterns using less than 70 meters of bulky yarn only came up with 42 patterns, none of which had the right woven twist I was looking for; it’s a more common look for knitted  versions. So here is my take on the twisted headband for crocheters. Instructions below!

Update 20 Feb 2018: Row 9 corrected/added
Update 7 Oct 2018: PDF now available (link below)



1 50g/70m skein Bergère de France Cocoon in Candice (discontinued bulky yarn)
7mm hook
6.5mm hook
tapestry needle

Abbreviations & notes:

ch. chain
st. stitch
sc. single crochet (UK double crochet)
sl st. slip stitch

Turning chain does not count as a stitch.

Using the bigger hook for ch is totally optional. If your foundation chain is long enough to go around your head without using a larger hook, no worries.



ch 57 with 7mm hook. This should be long enough to wrap around your head. Switch to 6.5mm hook for the rest of the project.

Row 1. Starting with 2nd st from hook, sc through the back loops in each ch across, ch 1 and turn (56)

Row 2. 56 sl st through the back loops, ch 1 and turn

Row 3. 56 sc through the back loops, ch 1 and turn

Row 4-7. Repeat rows 2 & 3 two more times

Row 8. 25 sl st through the back loops, switch to 7mm hook and ch 32, turn

Row 9. Switch back to 6.5mm hook. Repeat row 1

Row 10-15. Repeat rows 2 & 3 three times

Millenial Pink Headband illustration

Cut yarn, leaving enough to sew the ends of your headband together.

Create the twist by bringing one of the split halves over the other. Crochet the halves together with slip stitches in the first 25 st from the end. To ensure the slip stitches lay flat on top of your headband, work with your project resting flat with the front side facing up. Insert your hook down through your work so it ends up behind the headband, not in front. Yarn over and complete the slip stitch as usual.


Cut yarn, leaving enough to tack down the twist with a tapestry needle if you wish.

Finish your headband by sewing the ends together, being careful to line up the rows.Weave in ends. I found that my ends flared out a little, so I cinched it in a little when I weaved the ends in.


To make the headband bigger or smaller, chain an even amount to the desired length, plus one extra. Follow pattern as described, except for row 8 and the final slip stitches to create the twist. Calculate the number of sc and ch for row 8 as follows:

sc = (row length / 2 ) – 3
ch = (row length / 2 ) + 4

For example, to make the headband a little bit larger you can ch 59 to start, then in row 8 sc, 26 and ch 33. You will also need to do 26 sl st at the end to create the twist (same number as row 8 sc).

To make narrower, you can do less row repeats. Starting at row 4, repeat rows 2 & 3 one more time. And in the next section, repeat rows 2 & 3 twice.

You can now download a PDF version with either US or UK crochet terminology for free on Ravelry!



15 thoughts on “Millenial Pink Headband”

  1. Could you please give more detailed instructions and pictures on how you created the twist. Mine does not look like yours when I sl st it together.


  2. Hey! I tried making this pattern but every time I add the row os Slip Stitches (I place them in the back loop of the Single Crochet from the previous row) it shrinks the whole headband. Did you run into this issue? Where are you placing the SlSts?


    1. I there, I think you may have also messaged me on Ravelry about this. The slip stitches do indeed go into the back loop of the sc from the previous row. They won’t grow your work significantly, but it shouldn’t shrink.


  3. This headband is so perfect! I was up last night searching for one with a knitted look and this one is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much for sharing this really detailed pattern.


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